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Luxurious, Artisan Soap.

Handmade in the heart of Richmond, Virginia.

Bellevue Bubbles soap is simply amazing!

Jordan Rennie

I don’t even like soap and this makes me so happy!

Chane Rennie

About Us

Bellevue Bubbles makes handmade soap in small batches that not only are beautiful, but are good for your skin. Founded by Toni Rennie, who lives in the Bellevue area of Richmond, Virginia.

Started as an artistic outlet for Toni, who is a full-time school principal, soap making quickly progressed to a business.

Products and Services

Bellevue Bubbles’ soaps are made using all natural
oils and butters, creating a soap that produces a luxurious, moisturizing lather. Beautiful and skin-loving!

To view all our artisan soaps, visit our online store.

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